Newport Barges

Situated in Newport Ocean side, CA, Newport Barges has an astonishing and flexible boat reach to browse for cruising Newport Harbor or to water ski around neighborhood streams and lakes.

The Barge experts of Newport Barges are glad to be an approved seller for Avalon Boat boats and are focused on giving you quality consumer loyalty through their amazing administrations. The most effective way to voyage Newport Harbor is just through Newport Barges!

How to Assemble Your Own personal Boat?

Avalon barges can integrate a few astonishing elements and offices to take care of your sailing needs and bring you most extreme fulfillment. So, you can assemble your own personal boat, altered with every one of the choices you want.

The outreach group of Newport Barges can fabricate your boat to match careful determinations given by the client. You can browse the custom secondary selling plans and producer required choices, consolidating colors, subjects, contraptions and frill such that it assembles your fantasy model.

When you conclude a model, you can pick a few choices, for example,

Variety Bundles

Pick your seat tone and illustrations bundles. The seat colors accessible reach from white base tone, silver base tone and buckskin base tone, including dark, burgundy, blue and topaz. The discretionary games designs bundles incorporate the yellow fire, the red fire and the dark fire that adjusts the shade of the scramble, inside, directing wheel, speaker covers and the seat.


There is various inboard/detachable stuff accessible with standard highlights in the Deco series. Highlights incorporate the bravo 3 double prop outdrive, wave lightweight plane bundle, aluminum wave safeguard, inboard/detachable ski tow bar, Corsa through body exhaust, power help guiding, discretionary inboard/detachable fiberglass swim stage, triple boats, outside boats, In-Cylinder extra closet and the harsh water bundle.

Wave lightweight flyer Superior Execution

This framework is attempted and tried to bring incredible execution and strength. It improves the speed of the boat and makes it an intense one, permitting you to partake in some extraordinary water sports.

The highlights engaged with the turning bundles incorporate power help controlling, aluminum wave safeguard, harsh water bundle and express focus tube bundle.

Water sports

For more prominent delight in water sports, you can get a ski tow bar, wake board tower, wake board racks and speaker frameworks and, an in-floor ski capacity.


Pick your boats between side defender falls, triple barges and focus barges. Variety assortments and choices are accessible in the referenced classifications.


You can pick your directing to be a power help controlling, an ocean star water driven slant guiding, a Baystar water powered slant controlling or a mechanical slant controlling.


Modify the deck of your boat. You can pick the Deco cover, the Imperial rug, Vinyl flooring, snap-in cover, reproduced teak or a seagrass finished deck.


Extensive and agreeable seats like the twofold wide chiefs of naval operations chair, naval commander high back chair, ruler seat, skipper seat, leader low back chair and custom commander’s seat can be decided to plan the guest plan of the barge, commended with elegant furnishings.

Run and Hardware

For the scramble, you can look over the chief of naval operations, administrator, commander mate and ensign stand. Hardware incorporate gadgets for seaside maps, fish locaters, Bluetooth sound system, radio and recieving wire.

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