Multani mitti is the old solution for different skin-related issues and it assists in relieving them all with the most un-secondary effects it is the least expensive skin health management item and furthermore effectively accessible in stores. Multani mitti has a presence as an extraordinary ayurvedic healthy skin item. It began in Pakistan’s Multan, subsequently got its name Multani mitti. The best hotspot for hostile to irritation eliminates overabundance oil from the skin which helps in clear and without pimple skin. It likewise helps in getting an even tone of the skin.


Multani Mitti is a piece of mud, that started in Multan Pakistan, that is the reason it is classified “Multani Mitti” otherwise called more full’s earth. It has forever been incredible ayurvedic healthy skin item for over 6000+ years. Fuller’s earth comprises fundamentally of hydrous aluminum silicates (dirt minerals) of fluctuating sytheses. Normal parts are montmorillonite, kaolinite, and attapulgite. Modest quantities of different minerals might be available in more full’s earth stores, including calcite, dolomite, and quartz. It has been utilized as an extraordinary enemy of irritation for a long time, in view of its cooling specialists it turned into a decent fixing to fix pimples, skin break out, sun related burn, and so on. Multani mitti turned into a piece of the healthy skin of each and every Indian lady, we can track down this in pretty much every family. It is a time tested skin health management item by our mom and grandma. It was a custom for those women to apply this earthy colored cover all over consistently, despite the fact that there was no marked corrective accessible around then their skin was more clear than the skin of the present age. In the last a few decades synthetic beauty care products surpassed ayurvedic items, however as time elapsed individuals got many skin issues because of it which made individuals ponder the old and conventional skin health management items, even the present restorative brands cases of having normal item removes in their items.


  1. Organic chemical.
  2. Active oil retentive component.
  3. Controls oil delivered on the face.
  4. Antiseptic.
  5. Anti-fiery properties.
  6. Cooling specialist.
  7. Soothe excited skin and redness.
  8. For Veil and exfoliator.
  9. Remove abundance Sebum.
  10. Controls skin break out.

Advantages of Multani mitti

It has different advantages for our skin and hair.

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