The rainy streets of Seattle can be tricky to drive. If you encountered a car collision, than navigating the claim process legalities is daunting. The laws in Washington State are complex and a focus on comparative fault can make determining liability and securing fair compensation a challenge.

In Seattle, an experienced car accident lawyer from Boohoff Law can be helpful. Their legal expertise has been undeniably helpful to their clients.

Complicated Washington Law

Pure comparative negligence system is adhered to in Washington for car accidents. It means both party involved are assessed based on evidence. If you are partially faulty, you can recover a certain percentage of compensation from other driver’s insurance provider based on your share of blame.

Car Accident Lawyer - Benefits Of Hiring After A Collision In Seattle

An example to understand how pure comparative negligence works –

Imagine you are driving in Seattle during a down-pour and collide with the rear end of another car at the signal. The other driver was driving in speed and did not have brake lights. During investigation, it was found that you were following too closely in a rainy condition [20% fault], while the other driver was speedy and did not have brake lights [80% fault].

  • You suffer $10,000 in medical bills and car repairs.
  • As you were at 20% fault, your compensation is reduced by 20% according to the Comparative Negligence system.

A car accident lawyer can be instrumental in fathering evidence that reduces your share of blame and maximizes your compensation.

Determines Fault & Liability

A skilled accident lawyer meticulously analyses –

  • The accident scene
  • Witness statements
  • Police reports
  • Available footage

It helps to build a strong case that reduces your fault and maximizes the other party’s guilt.

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Thorny Insurance Claim Process

Insurance companies have repute for being unfair during claim settlements. They hire adjustors trained to minimize the pay-outs. An experienced lawyer knows the ins and outs of insurance policies. They negotiate on your behalf. They kick out lowball offers and ensure you get a full claim amount against the damage. It includes –

  • Instant medical bills
  • Car repairs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain & suffering
  • Potential long-term medical care needs due to the accident

Negotiating Skills

Negotiation with the insurance company on your behalf is a crucial skill that can impact your case results. They are familiar with the tactics of experienced adjusters, like denying claims based on technicalities or offering lowball settlements to exploit your emotional state. Around the negotiation table, the lawyers are firm and even have the power to walk away if the offer doesn’t reflect the fair value of your case. It shows they are not afraid of litigation.

Negotiation skills are also crucial during litigations. They present a compelling case before the jury and judge, which safeguards your rights and ensures that you receive the deserved compensation.

Long-Term Medical Care [If Necessary]

Sometimes, the impact of car collisions extends far beyond. Serious injuries may need ongoing medical care or physical therapy. A lawyer will consider these potential long-term costs in your claim to ensure you have the finances necessary to restore your life.


The outcome of a car accident is physically, mentally, and financially overwhelming. A reliable car accident lawyer in Seattle is your friend, ensuring you receive fair compensation.

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