One of the best systems in any hotel or restaurant, other than the staff serving personally to each and every customer, is the buffet system. There are many advantages of the buffet system. And, one of the main benefits of the buffet system is the service which is pretty quick and easy compared to the traditional services. Also, the guests are happy in a buffet system. If you are a great lover of pizza, then there can be no other places to hangout & order other than through cicis pizza. You can get through cicis different types of pizza, pasta, salad and desserts. Besides all of that, don’t forget to switch to & check out, Cicis pizza buffet prices & get started with your bookings.

CICIS PIZZA, Greenacres - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews ...

Kids Combo Offers & Pricing Factor 

Besides all of that, there is also a kid’s combo, in which you can order some delicious meals & drinks for your kids. Soft drinks are included for kids who are below three years and also, for the kids age ranging between 4-10 years. Apart from getting pizza, pasta and salad and desserts, you also get chicken wings. You can order 5 wings, 10 wings and 20 wings, which are traditional & boneless. Order accordingly. One of the best parts that you will know about ordering through cicis pizza & other buffet pricing is that, it is age-based, location based and also, there are many special discount programs.

Ordering through Cicis 

One of the main benefits of ordering through cicis pizza & salad and others is that, kids can get many types of discounts on food and drinks. You can also check out the prices at the link mentioned above. Moreover, there are some locations which have free games for kids, who are dinning with their parents at the restaurant and other places like a hotel, or café and so on. The restaurants have ties with cicis and have their own discount rates for seniors. This you will have to check with the restaurants. But one thing, for sure is that, there is a discount which you can get when ordering with cicis. Many people are still not aware about cicis & they don’t have any idea that its working in the restaurants, or hotels where they go & book dinner.

CICIS PIZZA, Fairfield - Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews ...

Weekend Rates in Restaurants 

Though, the prices of cicis remains the same for the entire week, yet there are some restaurants and hotels and dinning place, in which you can get some special discounts and lesser rate, due to their special promotions and other like happy hours and so on. You can also get variety of other dishes like chicken pizza and cheese and many others. Simply check out cicis & their ratings and fluctuation in prices & weekend rates for which you need to stay aware or check online or through the restaurants, hotels and others.


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